Ariel Orellana appointed Visiting Fellow at Magdalen College, University of Cambridge

We are pleased to announce that our outstanding Research Associate, Ariel Orellana, has reached an outstanding achievement in his academic career by being appointed Visiting Fellow at Magdalen College, University of Cambridge. This recognition is a clear testimony of his dedication and excellence in the field of research.

Ariel Orellana has demonstrated a deep commitment to his work, focusing on the fascinating field of plant cell wall polysaccharide biosynthesis, as well as genomics and proteomics of fruits and plants that thrive in extreme conditions. His work has been published in renowned scientific journals, including Science, Nature Genetics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, The Plant Cell, The Journal of Biological Chemistry and Nature Plants, which reflects the quality and relevance of his research.

In addition, Ariel has had the privilege of presenting his findings at important conferences and seminars worldwide. Among the outstanding events in which they have been used are the Gordon Research Conferences, the University of Cambridge, the University of California, Boston University and the Max Planck Institute, among others. His experience and knowledge have been recognized and valued by the international scientific community.

At the CRG we are very proud to have Ariel Orellana as an active part of our organization. His commitment, dedication and passion for omics research have contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in his field of expertise.

We congratulate Dr. Ariel Orellana for this outstanding milestone in his academic career and wish him every success in this new stage as Visiting Fellow at Magdalen College, University of Cambridge. We are confident that his valuable work will continue to show impact and contribute to the advancement of science and academic excellence.