Exploring the Genomic Landscape of Chile
A Millennium Science Initiative Program
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Welcome to the Center for Genome Regulation Millenium Institute

Since its beginnings in 2011, the Center for Genome Regulation has had a multidisciplinary team that has established genomic science in Chile, developing research that draws on molecular and cellular biology, physiology, systems biology, mathematical modeling, bioinformatics, evolution and genetics, disciplines that concur to deliver a comprehensive view of genome sciences and the study of biological networks.

Large volumes of data and genomic sequences generated in its first 10 years now serve as the basis for new projects. The researchers aim to provide evidence on adaptive mechanisms, assigning functions to genes in the context of environmental resilience and ecosystem health. They integrate the information by assessing the variations and functions of genes that allow different organisms to live in these conditions, both at both poles and in desert conditions, a process called evolutionary convergence.

As a newly established Millenium Institute, the CGR aims to apply this wealth of knowledge to understand how species can adapt to environmental changes and also to develop biotechnological solutions. The Millennium Institute will also expand its interactions with complementary fields such as ecology and conservation biology, as well as developing key links to industry through sustainable agriculture and aquaculture, studying pathogens in aquatic organisms and the genetic improvement in fruit species.

Principal Aims Years 12-22 (2022-2032)

Aim 1. Functional genomics of adaptation and convergent evolution.

Aim 2.  Interaction networks that govern genome structure in
communities of organisms.

Aim 3. Genomics for conservation, sustainable food production and biotechnology


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Our Researchers

Associate Researchers

Miguel Allende Director

Juliana Vianna Deputy Director

Beatriz Díez

Rodrigo Gutiérrez

Mauricio Gonzalez

Alejandro Maass

Veronica Cambiazo

Ariel Orellana

Romina Pedreschi