Congratulations to Juliana Vianna

We at the CRG Millennium Institute and the BASE Millennium Institute are very proud to announce that our outstanding researcher, Juliana Vianna, has been selected as a Counselor on the Board of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE).

The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution is a prestigious organization that brings together scientists and researchers from around the world who are dedicated to the study of biological evolution from a molecular perspective. Her contribution to research and to the scientific community has resulted in this prestigious appointment within the society.

Juliana Vianna has had an outstanding academic career so far and an showed exceptional commitment to research in the field of molecular and evolutionary biology. Her election as a Councilor on the SMBE Board is a testament to her academic excellence and her significant contribution to the scientific community.

This achievement not only enhances Juliana Vianna as a researcher, but also the BASE Millennium Institute and the CRG Millennium Institute, which support and encourage the academic and scientific excellence of its members. The participation of our researcher in the SMBE board will strengthen collaboration and knowledge exchange at the international level, and will enhance research in the field of molecular biology and evolution.

From both of our institutions, we extend our congratulations to Juliana Vianna for this outstanding achievement and we are confident that her role as Counselor on the SMBE Board will be of great impact in the promotion and advancement of scientific research in this important area.

Congratulations to Juliana!