Rodrigo Gutiérrez: Outstanding Researcher of the Center for Genome Regulation Among the Top Global Biologists and Biochemists

Our distinguished Research Associate, Rodrigo Gutiérrez, has been honored with a prominent place in the prestigious ranking, consolidating his position as one of the most prominent biologists and biochemists worldwide. This recognition is the result of an extensive analysis of the contributions of more than 67,000 professionals in these disciplines.’s annual ranking has the primary purpose of highlighting the world’s most influential scientists, providing visibility to the valuable contributions that have set the standard in their respective fields., one of the most outstanding research sites globally, is dedicated to this laudable goal.

In the 2023 edition, Rodrigo Gutiérrez stands out among the most relevant researchers, thanks to the impressive number of 128 publications and more than 8 thousand citations to his work. This achievement is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of Gutiérrez, who serves as a full professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology at the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the Catholic University. In addition, his role as Associate Researcher at the CRG Millennium Institute and Alternate Director of the Ibio Millennium Institute has also contributed to his outstanding reputation.

In the scientist’s own words: “It is of utmost importance to appear in these rankings, as they not only constitute recognition of our work, but also demonstrate the growth that Chile has experienced in terms of quality and quantity of scientific research. Public financial support has been fundamental to this progress, and its continuation will ensure that we continue to move forward,” he said. Its pioneering approach, which combines classical experimental biology, functional genomics and bioinformatics approaches, has been fundamental to its success.

It is relevant to mention that uses the h-index as an evaluation criterion, which covers the impact and productivity of researchers, considering citations and publications registered until December 2022.

Within this context, Gutiérrez’s emphasis on the study of plants of the Atacama Desert has resulted in a remarkable achievement. His research on the genetics of plant species has shed light on the mechanisms of survival under extreme conditions. This unprecedented interdisciplinary project involved collaborations with renowned U.S. entities and allowed the detailed characterization of 32 previously understudied species, ranging from the molecules to the ecosystem, Gutierrez revealed.

Rodrigo Gutierrez’s career has focused on the application of systems biology approaches to unravel the complex mechanisms that regulate plant response to environmental and nutritional signals. His innovative vision has led to major scientific contributions and has consolidated his position as a leader in this field.