“Successful First Basic Bioinformatics Workshop, Coordinated by Centros ANID, Boosts Interdisciplinary Research”

With cooperation between several ANID Research Centers, we hosted a very successful Bioinformatics Induction workshop was held, where students from various universities and genomic fields had the experience of immersing themselves in the applications of non-model species assembly. During the event, participants had the opportunity to unravel the secrets of DNA and apply advanced bioinformatics tools, marking a significant milestone in their academic and scientific training.

This event was possible thanks to the collaboration and joint efforts between the BASE and CRG Millenium Instites BASE, as well as Núcleo Lili, with the valuable support of the University of Chile at the Beauchef campus. The synergy between these institutions provided students with an enriching educational experience, where they were able to interact with leading professionals and experts in the field of bioinformatics.

Workshop participants were immersed in the world of bioinformatics, exploring the cutting-edge tools and techniques used to analyze and understand genetic information. Through lectures, hands-on sessions and collaborative work, students were able to acquire practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will undoubtedly strengthen their academic and professional careers.