Dr. Rodrigo Gutiérrez, was appointed as an EMBO Associate Member.

Dr. Rodrigo Gutiérrez, faculty member at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Deputy Director of the Millennium Institute iBio, Principal Investigator at the Millennium Institute CRG, and affiliate of the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, was appointed as an EMBO Associate Member.

In the context of EMBO’s 60th anniversary, Dr. Rodrigo Gutiérrez, full professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, has been elected as an EMBO Associate Member. This prestigious recognition celebrates excellence in research and outstanding achievements in the life sciences.

The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), a globally recognized organization promoting excellence in biological research, has selected 100 European scientists and 20 scientists from other parts of the world as new members or associate members this year. These scientists have been acknowledged for their significant contributions spanning diverse areas, from infectious disease propagation to plant adaptation in extreme environments, and from the complexity of oceanic nutrient cycles to understanding cellular signaling networks, as well as the interplay between brain biology and human emotions.

Fiona Watt, Director of EMBO, remarked: “The new EMBO members and associates have made fundamental contributions to biological research, paving the way for innovations that enhance lives and livelihoods worldwide. On our 60th anniversary, we celebrate the crucial role of EMBO membership in strengthening international biological research and contributing to its programs and activities. I sincerely congratulate all the awardees.”

To commemorate this milestone, the EMBO Council invited members to nominate and select 100 new members and 20 associate members. The selected individuals hail from 37 countries/territories, reflecting the diversity and global scope of modern biological research. EMBO’s new members are affiliated with 24 EMBC member states, the intergovernmental organization funding EMBO’s major programs and activities. The 20 new associate members represent 13 different countries/territories, including EMBO’s global cooperation partners.

Dr. Rodrigo Gutiérrez expressed gratitude for this recognition: “It is an honor to be elected as an EMBO Associate Member. This appointment is a testament to academic excellence by my European peers and opens doors to a global network of researchers across all areas of biological sciences. From the world of plants and from Chile, it is a tremendous pride to integrate this prestigious institution.”

Gutiérrez, one of the few Chileans to be an associate member of this select group, underscored his commitment to high-level science in Chile: “I aspire to continue positioning Chile as a leader in knowledge production and cutting-edge technology. We should be proud of our potential and showcase it to the world. I will continue to promote and strengthen young talent from this corner of the planet, addressing challenges associated with climate change within my field of work.”

Founded in 1964, EMBO boasts over 2,000 active members, including 92 Nobel laureates, committed to advancing biological science. The new members will actively participate in implementing EMBO’s programs and activities, including funding evaluation and policy-making, and contribute to training and outreach initiatives.

EMBO will formally welcome the new members during its annual meeting from October 29th to November 1st, 2024, in Heidelberg, Germany.

For more information about the new members and their research areas, visit: EMBO Press Release.